KYC Solution

An end to end KYC solution to digitalize the collection, verification and approval of KYC documents. It transforms the traditional KYC process with automated workflows, digital verification and real time re-KYC alerts for instant processing.

Scanning & Document Collection

The solution captures customer data and documents through dynamic forms, scanners, mobiles, tablets, excel sheets, etc and stores them in unique customer files for instant processing and retrieval

Utilizes OCR technology to auto populate data from various customer documents

Editing tools like pixel removal, resolution fixes, brightness adjustments, etc for scanned document enhancements

Document Check & Verification

The system automatically initiates maker-checker verification through defined workflows and notifies the concerned verification officers.

Triggers notifications to customers for re-submission of documents in case of clarity issues, mismatches etc.

Single window approach to compare customer data and documents from integrated systems, scanned documents etc.

KYC Approval

The solution enables KYC file approval through digital signature, stamping, etc for instant and secured action from anywhere at anytime

Ability to approve, reject or request clarifications on the KYC file

Capability to mark notes and comments during the approval process

Core-banking/ Regulatory Reporting

Approved KYC file is synced across core banking and other APIs through integration for seamless operations

Generates standard formats that to be submitted for compliance and regulatory reporting

Notifications & Alert

Automatically initiates Re-KYC process based on rule configuration and due dates

Notifies the customers on expiry of proof documents and updation required

Officials get notified on the completion of each process to take necessary actions

Store & Archive KYC documents

KYC files are stored in the repository in accordance with the customer file for quicker reference

Keyword based search, content search and filter options to identify the KYC documents at ease

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