Agency Management

Smart governance of data and documents with intelligent capture, storage and retrieval features

Rapid growth in content marketing focus has left various organizations astray due to the disparate processes in agency management activities. Though the prime factor lies in producing innovative campaigns, effort and time spent over selection, management, monitoring and payment of agencies create bottle neck for enterprises focused on proper account management. Lack of alignment and collaboration between various stakeholders prolong the execution processes way beyond the schedule.

A common platform uniting all the clients, agencies, broadcasting medium, media consultants and other stakeholders for transparent processes and informed decision making is the need of the hour. With an innovative platform like OspynDocs, the processes can be automated with accuracy and transparency.




Agency Management & Monitoring

  • Replaces communication through multiple channel by handling project award and management entirely through online platform
  • Eliminates location restrictions with automated workflows for the media product evaluation even when the approving officials are away from office
  • Ensures instant responses with efficient tools for review, reject, approve or specify changes and return for rework
  • Eliminates misconceptions by releasing the media file to the publishing agency in collaboration with the stakeholders for effective positioning and focus of the advertisement
  • Error free payments with automated bill generations based on payment milestones and taxes
  • Real time updates and insights into each operation to all stakeholders with instant notifications and reminders

Agency/Vendor Selection

  • Replaces manual task around PDF and excel sheets with configurable RFPs based on various templates for different media plans
  • Error free evaluations with provision to set rating and evaluation criteria based on project and client segments
  • Removes mail dependent business processes and offers a common platform to collaborate with agencies for quick responses
  • Replaces time consuming vendor assessment by the evaluation committee with inline evaluations and error free mark allocations
  • Automated publishing of qualified participants, scores, successful vendor and award of contract with work order generation
Customer Data Collection

Media Planning

  • Restrains repetitive tasks with provision to prepare media calendar for a period, say quarter, half year or an year
  • Automates every location dependent and disconnected operations with automated approval processes across all media planning



Handles all activities in one platform with complete visibility and transparency thereby eliminating multiple file creation and dispersion of information in different mails


Realtime access to the existing information, contract details for instant reference and effective planning by the campaign creation team


Offers instant collaboration and approval process with remote access features for uninterrupted operations


Reduction in cycle time from planning to execution, leading to increased productivity


User permissions and privacy setting for secured processes and audit trails for end-to-end history tracking

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