Archival Management

Smart governance of data and documents with intelligent capture, storage and retrieval features

Multiplying documents and data in any industry cause roadblocks in business processes consuming enormous time, effort and manual labor for storage, archival and retrievals. Paper documents, disconnected email information and system data stored with different users remain disparate, causing retrieval a never ending task. Beyond the trouble of deploying increased manual labor to these chores, it's inaccuracy and security threat dwindles the efficiency of the organization. Misplaced documents, unsecured storage of confidential data, manual scanning, data entry, etc cause delay and inaccuracy in operations. To stay ahead in the competing market, enterprises strive to automate every pain point that remain as an interference to success.

With a multitude of products available in the market, enterprises are disorientated in selecting the right solution for their operations. OspynDocs platform offers intelligent automation tools to handle archival and retrieval processes with accuracy and complacency.

Intelligent Archival Managements


Retrieval of documents is now at the click of a button through OspynDocs Intelligent Archival Management solution. It enables enterprises to capture, identify, classify, organize, store and retrieve data and documents through intelligent capture and RPA technologies. Data being the most important asset of an organization, the solution expels risks associated with document security, legal compliance, data capture, duplication and document management. It handles both structured and unstructured data, ensuring smart governance along with instant and remote access to documents and files. It fastracks the operations by eliminating manual data entry through metadata extraction and report generation functionalities. It eases the document management challenges with a centralized repository meeting all compliance objectives.



Document life-cycle management

  • Handles the complete life-cycle management of files and documents
  • File disposal and record destruction based on set parameters
  • End to end audit logs

Advanced Search

  • Keyword based search for instant document retrieval
  • Advanced search techniques, filters, content and contextual search for quicker sorting

Scan Batch

  • Verify the extracted metadata and publish it to the path defined repository folder
  • Selected metadata extraction feature for manual capture if required


  • Intuitive report generation in multiple formats with seamless Import/Export features
  • Customizable reports based on organization's requirements


  • Readily available APIs for integration with ERP and other applications.
  • Automated data transfer without manual intervention

Centralized Repository

  • Organized repository for data storage & retrieval
  • Automated allocation of permissions for remote access and retrieval of documents
Customer Data Collection

Smart capture & routing

  • Intelligent data capture from business documents
  • Intelligent recognition and mapping of index fields
  • Bulk scanning and automated routing of documents to the repository folder
  • Meta-data extraction, path detection and auto-categorization functionalities for Data Migration



Enhanced compliance and transparency thereby eliminating regulatory fines and security concerns for the legal teams


Automated segmentation of structured & unstructured data, documents and files based on business rules, for instant retrieval by the business team


Remote access to critical documents and files for efficient decision making by the management team, even when away from office


Quicker access to documents and files with instant search results for an uninterrupted and faster business operation


Reduced paper documents and physical storage lowering costs and risk around document management

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