digitized inwards . informative data . smart file processing

Transform your file flow processing with digital document filing

  • Create inwards from e-mails or manually attach digital copy of the correspondence/letters.
  • Work with integrated scanning solution for automatic upload of correspondence/letters.
  • Circulate inward within departments or across departments before acting on the inward.
  • Create multiple copies of an inward and share it across multiple departments with unique inward numbers for each.
  • Create new digital files using inwards or attach the inward to an existing file.
  • Forward files using any of the options like confidential file, part file, etc. and share it with other departments, based on the user permission.
  • Pull back the file available in a subordinate seat for processing if the person is absent.
  • Connect the current file with your old files using back file and link file capabilities.
  • Create notes using your preferred medium of language like Hindi, English, Malayalam etc.
  • Refer your current file while making notes so that seniors can easily process the file.
  • Create any number of note attachments for reference and view all your notes in chronological order for easy understanding.
  • View your current files and attachments side-by-side while making notes for faster file processing and content reuse ability.
  • Create drafts using ready to use default templates.
  • Create drafts and upload it to the platform and use it as required.
  • Add any number of attachments with draft for reference.
  • Format your draft to meet printing and output requirements.li>
  • Convert your approved drafts to a formal document like Order, Circular, etc. with zero effort.
  • Automatic numbering of documents is enabled to reduce manual errors.
  • Attach your logo, address and department information with click of a button.
  • Align your final document with multiple print options to create required output.
  • Despatch your documents or any file attachments digitally as an inward to other departments.
  • Despatch your documents as a circular within department.
  • Despatch your documents digitally as an e-mail to other recipients.
  • Despatch your documents via post/courier and capture necessary information for future reference.


Digitally capture and circulate inwards/correspondence with automatic inward numbering facilities.

Create files from the digitally captured inwards and share it within or across the departments.

Secure your files with department/section permissions and protect confidential information with advanced privacy settings.

Prepare note sheet in any language on the current file with a split screen user interface for convenient note-making.

Create linked files or back files and share it with your colleagues in hierarchy.

Prepare drafts from the note sheet instantly and share it for approval.

Create documents from approved draft and despatch your file via e-mail/post/internal digital inwards.

Retrieve your important file anytime using our user friendly keyword search.

Keep track of your physical files with digital identifiers through record management.

Collaborate with colleagues using discussion forum, messages and chats.

Prepare drafts from the note sheet instantly and share it for approval.

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