Common myths around low-code platform
Is your digital transformation trapped between Shadow IT and dark data?

As part of your digital transformation journey, you could have implemented various solutions to automate your business processes. Currently, a variety of softwares might be used across all your departments. But with the changing market dynamics, there arises a need to configure and customize solutions based on the growing demands, changing processes, and regulatory mandates. Now, you might be wondering how to start or where to start, provided these immense challenges before!

  • Scattered data and information across disparate solutions resulting in dark data accumulation
  • Lack of centralized governance due to shadow IT
  • Poor integration across different applications resulting in disconnected data transfers and processes
  • Paper dependant approvals and manual collaborations despite of the various solutions in place
  • Outdated and legacy systems in place that are not scalable to changing business needs
  • Individual upgradation of each system incurs ground level coding and huge upfront cost
  • Maintenance of multiple systems, suffering huge IT investment cost
Identifying a right solution can resolve the past blunders

Asking you to completely replace each of these systems with an advanced solution is a biased opinion as it involves enormous cost, effort, and time. But struggling with these systems will also dwindle your digital transformation journey and business progress. It is high time to carefully examine the existing systems and categorize them under outdated and sustainable ones. The outdated ones are those siloed systems that require manual intervention and paper dependent processes to complete the task. Such systems can be eliminated whereas the solutions that fulfil its job but lacks integration and scalability can be retained.

Now its time to find the right solution that can automate the processes while integrating with these sustained systems.

For a monitored digital transformation journey, you need a futuristic solution that offers visible transformation with agility and accuracy. With low-code solutions dominating the current market, it covers a wide range of automations in line with regulatory mandates.

The right step towards your outright digital transformation journey

Low-code content services platform allows you to create rapid applications to manage complex business processes while handling the complete content management needs. Highly scalable, configurable, and customizable solutions can be developed at a faster phase with minimal coding, effort, and time. It can offer end-to-end automation across your dynamic business processes, starting from a simple approval process to the complex ones connecting all enterprise-wide stakeholders across all locations.

It can also integrate with legacy systems to transfer data and information without any manual intervention. This will enable a centralized governance over the enterprise-wide content and eliminates the accumulation of dark data across different systems. It also reduces shadow IT, as all the applications will be connected to this one low-code platform offering 360-degree view across all operations.

Using a single low-code platform you can automate any number of processes and create end number of applications. It offers drag and drop configuration features to modify processes as per the needs of the organization.

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