“Replacing the code changes with drag and drop”
Looking out for IT support from the vendor very often has not only delayed the business operations but has made the relationship bitter. Particularly, the support around content management and process centric workflows get higher everyday, bankrupting the IT investment in full. Ever-changing minor configurations, new process addition, regulatory compliance, reports and analytics always demand vendor support at regular intervals. But thanks to the low code CSP, which can eliminate every challenge around content management with its AI and RPA enabled platform.

“Now, do it the way you want and keep it the way you like without waiting on an IT professional anymore!”
Low-code CSP platform allows you to create ad-hoc solutions on top of its content and document management features without the need for any code changes. This means, even a non-IT user can configure solutions for different use cases and create process specific workflows, e-forms, reports, dashboard, etc.

CSP platform acts as a true digital enablement platform to any enterprise by governing the enterprise-wide content flow across all applications and processes. And on top of intelligent content management, it acts as a service platform where ad-hoc horizontal and vertical solutions can be created and customized easily without much vendor dependency. This scalable feature offers enterprises to configure business processes based on their industry standards and in-line requirements without the need of a technology vendor. Intelligent capture, user configurable workflows, integration APIs, holistic taxonomies and insightful search results are the major adaptations of CSP. This reduces IT investments around content management thereby ensuring an increased ROI.

CSP offers intelligent information management along with the features of ECM like data capture and indexing, document management, records management, workflow and analytics. With its in-built process automation feature, the platform can route the right content to the right users and departments along with required insights from the enterprise-wide applications. This not only simplifies the content flow and analysis, but also is capable of replacing process oriented solutions and siloed storages with its centralized platform. This eliminates manual errors, content retrieval efforts and process delays thereby decreasing the TAT. Hence CSP is the game changer in optimizing information management and content flow in the advancing business world.

In short, a low code CSP automates content syndication, analytics, intelligent content capture, document management, record management and business process management without further IT investment and support.

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