BFSI Sector at Inflection Point

Technology disruption is causing ripples across industry segments. But there is one sector in particular which is witnessing maximum reverberations. That is the BFSI sector. To understand how businesses in the BFSI sector are adopting new technologies and business models, CIOReviewIndia organized a webinar in partnership with Ospyn Technologies which provides digital transformation solutions to businesses across industries. There were several illustrious guests on the panel who shared their views on the changing dynamics of the BFSI sector.

The panelists were:

  • Kishore Kumar, Founding Director & CTO, Ospyn Technologies
  • Abonty Banerjee, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer, Tata Capital
  • Gururaj Rao, CIO, Mahindra Finance
  • Bhasker Rao, Director - Technology Infrastructure, Deutsche Bank
  • Low-code platform: A New Normal for the Dynamic BFSI Requisite

Award-Winning Digital Transformation Solutions

Ospyn Technologies is awarded with Corporate Excellence Award: 'Digital Transformation Solution of the year - 2019 India'

Established in 2009 by Prasadu Varghese and Kishore Kumar, Ospyn was creat- ed with a vision to become a digital transformation partner for enterprises by offering BPM, ECM and document man- agement solutions for business process automation. Over a span of 10 years, Ospyn has evolved into a major player across 12 industries with 80 plus customers in India, Middle East and Africa.

For enterprises that are tethered with disconnected operations, paper-based processes and fragmented workflows, Ospyn acts as the digital transforma- tion partner, bringing agility and automation across each of their operations, as Kishore explains.

Digital Transformation Special - CIO Review

Ospyn Technologies is listed one among '20 most promising Digital Transformation solution providers 2018 India' by CIO Review Magazine.
Transforming Business Operations with Digitalization

Digital Transformation today has evolved as a holistic approach to modernize the complete IT ecosystem, processes and operational strategies of organizations, to help them stay competitive, customer-centric and become more efficient than their counterparts. Being predominantly driven by the changing customer preferences, proliferation of mobile and IoT devices, and the rising adoption of Cloud platforms today, Digital Transformation, overall, represents a means to revolutionize the way organizations work and interact with their consumers and align them with the new digital age. Moreover, the transition from the traditional brick and mortar model of business to a click and mortar model has further fueled this movement, bringing a paradigm shift in the way businesses function across the verticals of banking, non-banking financial institutions, insurance, automobile, and telecommunications industries, and citizen services. However, even with these various developments, many industries are yet to embrace digitalization on a large scale with 85 percent of digital transformation strategies failing due to lack of focus and pace, concerns of security, data protection, and the lack of digital expertise.

Furthermore, organizations are also hindered by budget constraints, the existence of overly complex and rigid legacy infrastructures, the absence of visibility and the lack of buy-in from leadership to prioritize digital initiatives, which together prevent them from building a culture of experimentation and innovation. Perfectly understanding these challenges and endeavoring to address them, Trivandrum headquartered Ospyn Technologies Pvt. Ltd. steps forward as a Digital Transformation partner, to help organizations digitize and accelerate their complete operations and gain increased business agility, visibility, and profitability.

Digital Transformation Special - Silicon Review

Ospyn Technologies is awarded one among '50 Most Admired Companies of the year 2018' by Silicon Review Magazine.
Transforming enterprises digitally through streamlined business processes and automated workflows

Solve operational roadblocks and streamline business operations using our enterprise software solutions.

Founded in January 2009 and headquartered in Trivandrum, Kerala, Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an independent software vendor offering Digital Enablement and Experience Platform (DEEP), a digital transformation platform, to digitize the entire operations and processes of enterprises.

For enterprises, Ospyn is the digital transformation partner, digitizing entire processes to accelerate operations. This is achieved by reaching digitized documents to authorized resources on any device, anytime, anywhere to enhance organizational efficiency and overcome effort duplication.

DMS Special - CIO Review

Ospyn Technologies placed among Top 20
Transforming enterprises digitally through streamlined business processes and automated workflows

'The most promising DMS solution providers in India - 2017'

Understanding the end-to-end document management requirements of enterprises, Ospyn Technologies has designed a Digital Document Filing System (DDFS) application, built on the foundation of its DEEP Platform. This application serves to digitize document centric processes by mapping unstructured and semi-structured data types such as paper documents, web-forms, emails and social data. Incorporating major modules akin to data capture, document management, record management, process management, document collaboration and analytics, the platform allows operational users to accomplish day to day tasks while eliminating errors and issues of manual paper-based processes. Furthermore, the company leverages the DDFS platform to provide ERP solutions that can automate entire operations across organisations with digitized documents and workflows, to allow greater insights into tasks, resources and business performance.

APAC CIO Outlook

Ospyn Technologies listed among Top 10
Digital Technology Companies in 2017

'The most promising DMS solution providers in India - 2017'

Ospyn Technologies is a major vendor in its incumbent market for digitizing paper-based processes and optimizing business operations with clients across multiple industries such as e-Governance, Banking, Transportation, Education, Healthcare, Citizen services, etc: Digital Technology has been pivotal in reshaping the modern day business culture. Organizations that have embraced digital technology now have an opportunity to make their mark in the industry, to innovate and steer company strategy into productive channels. Since adopting a digital strategy requires a considerable amount of cultural transformation, several organizations are still caught up in the traditional model of paper-based decision-making. Helping such companies take the digital plunge is Ospyn Technologies. Established in 2009, Ospyn was founded by Prasadu Varghese and Kishore Kumar with a shared aspiration to create an enterprise software which would transform the traditional paper-based model of any organization into a digital model. Together they started Ospyn with their technology platform; Digital Enablement and Experience Platform (DEEP), which was created to enable digital transformations and automation of the operational model. "So far we have enormously helped various organizations to go digital thereby enhancing their time efficiency, effort and decision making, " says Prasadu Varghese, MD & CEO, Ospyn Technologies.

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