Ospyn Docs

Ospyn Docs offers integrated process and document management features required for your business team to digitally manage enterprise processes. It offers right business tools to capture content, collaborate and track your information activities effectively.


Capture documents and data from scanners, mobile and from other enterprise applications

  • Image enhancement and cropping tools to improve the document quality
  • Forms based data capture rather than traditional document centric approach

Index & Classify

Index, classify and add tags to documents for easy access and retrieval

  • Auto classification of documents and data based on process templates
  • Auto creation or updation of files based on index or classification parameters

Collaboration & Process Workflow

Design your business processes using our GUI based workflow configurator and empower business users to manage processes dynamically

  • Define organization hierarchy or process based workflows
  • Route relevant tasks to the right users based on the dynamic data attributes

Search & Retrieve

Retrieve your tasks and files instantly using intuitive search mechanism

  • Keyword based search to fastrack information identification
  • Advanced search techniques like content and contextual search to meet user requirement


Industry standard webservice APIs to collect and share data with enterprise applications

  • Web service APIs to provide data/document/information to other applications
  • APIs and web services to access data/document/information from other applications

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