Platform Offerings


Content Capture

OspynDocs Capture offers multi-channel content capture by providing an integrated platform to extract metadata, configure processing rules and define scan batches. The AI and ML enabled solution offers configurable pipelines for new processes.

Content Capture
  • Multisource content capture
  • Data extraction
  • Batch scan
  • Plug-in support for new processes
  • Configurable pipelines
  • AI and ML based classification
  • Automated workflows
  • Capture application and web interfaces
  • Rest APIs for integration
  • Web-based reports
  • Automated notifications

Content and Document Management

OspynDocs DMS offers centralized storage of enterprise content through automated capture, metadata indexing, content repository, version control and search. The system enables end-to-end integration across core systems, repositories and other business applications for smart governance and centralized access to enterprise-wide content.


Metadata & Indexing

  • Creation of custom content types with Metadata API
  • AI based automated indexing, classification and grouping of documents/data in content repository
  • Auto creation and updation of files based on index or classification parameters

Document Templates

  • Template-driven document generation with readymade and customizable templates
  • Business-centric, pre-configured, organization oriented templates with easy configuration features for instant document creation
  • Provision to generate and export documents in desired template s

Search & Retrieval

  • Federated search capability to retrieve any data from enterprise-wide content
  • Instant retrieval of data with advanced search mechanisms including full text, metadata, index-based, keyword search, filters, etc.
  • Tagging, referencing, parenting folder types and documents for easy reference and retrieval
  • Intuitive search mechanism with advanced search techniques like content and contextual search functions


  • The system stores and supports varied formats including image, PDF, document, video, audio, etc with provision to share, process, collaborate and export
  • Automatically store files and documents of any type in folders as per organization hierarchy and user permissions
  • Classified and grouped library of folders offering an aligned overview of documents/data
  • High end security features including user authentication, permission-based access, audit trail, encryption, etc
  • Access stored content in any format from any device at any time with user permissions

Document Viewer

  • Inline document viewer that supports varied document formats
  • Redaction features to mask sensitive data in documents
  • Various viewer tools for detailed access and instant routing of documents

Document Versioning

  • Manages version control of documents and updates it across core solutions and other connected applications
  • Automatically solves replication and duplication issues by syncing data across all platforms

Business Process Management

OspynDocs Low-code BPM offers GUI based workflows to route tasks dynamically and enable agility in business processes with real time-automation, quicker configuration and user-friendly UI. The system enables quicker decision making and faster turnaround time with 100% visibility and accuracy across business processes, collaborations and approvals.


Process Modeler

  • Define processes using drag-and-drop GUI based workflow configurator without any coding effort
  • BPMN compliant workflows for end-to-end process modelling
  • Define workflows based on forms, documents and data with multi-level approval flow
  • Route tasks dynamically to relevant users based on dynamic data attributes

e-Forms Engine

  • Configurable e-forms to customize as per the organization needs
  • Data collection and transmissions using customized forms
  • Versatile and editable medium to build forms and handle logistics

Inbox and Task Management

  • Customizable Inbox with watchlist, local folder, parking, etc.
  • Real-time task management across teams with provision to assign, monitor, track, approve and check status of activities
  • Enables viewing timeline and setting reminders for project deadlines
  • Manage projects in the centralized platform by connecting all stakeholders

Process Rule Management

  • Admin privileges to handle users, user rules and groups
  • Composing instant processes with low-code process developing tools
  • Define work route automatically to various users based on workflow rules
  • End-to-end tracking on activity progress and status

Collective Collaboration

  • End to end collaboration tools to edit, comment, share and approve documents
  • Integrates with digital signature, biometric devices and other devices for instant approval, access permissions, etc.
  • Tracking capability to administer and overview the activity status and progress
  • Real-time collaboration and automated routing of files across all stakeholders

Content distribution and syndication

  • Ensures enterprise connectivity by offering prompt delivery and distribution of business documents/data
  • Auto populates existing data over forms and entries for error-free updations
  • Rest APIs to connect with core systems and other existing applications for content transfer and updations

Records Management

Enables end-to-end life-cycle management of records with complete security and automation across records classification, retention, and disposition actions as per the organization requirements.

  • File plans and retention schedules
  • Records archival
  • Customizable disposition workflows
  • Legal holds and litigation support
  • Review cycles for vital records
  • Audit trails and security reports
  • Compliance to RM standards
  • Automated Disposal of records

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