OspynDocs is an AI and RPA enabled Content Management Platform to automate your document management and business process needs with an enhanced customer experience.

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Intelligent Platform for Content Management


OspynDocs offers integrated process, content and document management features required for your business team to digitally manage enterprise processes. The Content Management platform eases the processes around capture, collaboration, storage and retrieval along with automated sharing, tracking and user friendly UI for enhanced Customer Experience


Capture documents and data from scanners, mobile and from other enterprise applications

  • Image enhancement and cropping tools to improve the document quality
  • Forms based data capture rather than traditional document centric approach
Index & Classify

Index, classify and add tags to documents for easy access and retrieval

  • Auto classification of documents and data based on process templates
  • Auto creation or updation of files based on index or classification parameters
Collaboration & Process Workflow

Design your business processes using our GUI based workflow configurator and empower business users to manage processes dynamically

  • Define organization hierarchy or process based workflows
  • Route relevant tasks to the right users based on the dynamic data attributes
Search & Retrieve

Retrieve your tasks and files instantly using intuitive search mechanism

  • Keyword based search to fastrack information identification
  • Advanced search techniques like content and contextual search to meet user requirement

Life cycle management (Storage, forwarding, archival & deletion) of records with predefined user settings

  • Records can be grouped, classified and stored based on user requirements
  • Automated retention, disposal or movement of records to respective folders according to user set criteria

Industry standard webservice APIs to collect and share data with enterprise applications

  • Web service APIs to provide data/document/information to other applications
  • APIs and web services to access data/document/information from other applications

Capture, validate and collect information through digital forms for quicker data processing

  • Easily configurable forms to match the organization needs
  • Readymade templates for instant E-form creation

Collect data and generate reports automatically from the system

  • Configurable report generation in line with the organization demands
  • Supports report generation in various formats like PDF, Excel sheets, etc

Manage the tasks of your team even when away from office.

  • Assign, manage and track your team’s task instantly
  • Offers complete visibility into activity, progress and status of tasks

Ensure business continuity even when away from office

  • Supports multi device access even from remote locations
  • Offers better insights to perform actions in any device


Digitize Documents

Smartly digitize your documents and extract content without manual intervention. With OCR and RPA, eliminate data entry and document routing efforts

Manage Records

Efficiently manage your records even without monitoring them. Users can pre define file storage, document routing and disposal rules on file creation for complete life cycle management

Organize Documents

Automatically store your digital documents and files in the repository without any effort. From storing the right document in the right folder, the solution automates version control and life cycle management

Configure Process

Modify your workflows without the help of IT department. With configurable workflows, you can instantly route documents and files to the right user for instant collaboration

Retrieve Documents

Find your documents at the click of a button. With advanced search features, sort your document/file instantly with any available information

Create e-forms

Create digital forms like that of your physical ones with configurable templates. Readymade templates are also available for instant usage

Generate reports

Generate reports based on your required criteria without the need of data entry. Provision to modify reports in the desired format eases your mundane processes

Organize Meetings

Set your meetings within the system and organize it with complete visibility and ownership. Efficiently automate every operation around invitation, agenda, file sharing, MoM creation, etc

Share e-mail

Integrate your multiple email accounts within the system for instant communication. Eliminate multiple downloads by securely sharing your files within the system

Track Tasks

Assign tasks to your team and track them within the system. Offers 360 degree view over each activity, progress and current status

Quickly Collaborate

Provide your comments, views, approvals, etc on the shared file even when away from the office. Add notes, attachments, etc for informed decision making

Engage Community

Exchange views with your community in the forum for informed decision making and opinion sharing. Interact with the team instantly for shared thought and understanding

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