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Ospyn's digital transformation products are built on the DEEP- Digital Enablement and Experience Platform which offers consistency, standardization, uniformity and superior performance across all products.

The Functional Layers Of DEEP

Enablement Layer

The information enablement layer enables capture and end-to-end processing of multi-format documents. Unstructured and semi-structured data like paper documents, web-forms, emails, social data, etc. are digitized, processed and mapped effectively with the structured data available within enterprise applications and systems. The layer provides capabilities for capture of multi-format documents from multiple sources, with interfaces to standard scanners for capture of paper-based documents, email and other enterprise systems for digitized information. The platform employs an efficient storage and retrieval mechanism for faster storing, indexing and retrieval of information. The built-in collaboration and sharing of documents, in part or full, or as a set, provides users with high flexibility and ease in processing of documents. The multi-mode output and dispatch results in overall efficiency increase.

Experience Layer

The customer experience layer provides intuitive processed information to end users. This layer provides enhanced customer experience at all digital touch points for communication with the digital enterprise. The advanced contextual notification and alerts through multiple channels enable timely and effective decision making. The application has universal access through the web and the mobile interfaces provided by the layer. The collaboration and document sharing capabilities of the platform enables faster processing of information enabling enterprise to provide better service to end users. The platform’s AI based algorithms prompts users with right information at a faster phase for quicker and enhanced customer experience.

DEEP has a robust architecture that is highly scalable and fully cloud enabled. The efficient storing and retrieval mechanisms result in enhanced performance.

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