OspynDocs: Procure-to-Pay solution

Procure to pay is the full cycle of process that a business engages in when they require goods or services from an outside supplier. This process includes the steps that a company must take to procure the items and pay the appropriate remittance to the supplier. Streamlining procurement process helps the organization in eliminating frequent duplicate payments and offers intelligent purchase requisition consolidation. Moreover, the P2P solution entitles the organization with a flexible and user-friendly system to support end to end process.

Procure to Pay


OspynDocs: Procure-to-Pay solution streamlines the purchasing process of enterprises from procurement of goods/services to final payment. With intelligent OCR scanning, metadata extraction, indexing and validation modules, the solution captures and stores PR, LPO, IPO, letter of credit, accruals, expenses, etc in one platform for effective and transparent processing. It streamlines the decision-making processes with quick purchase order preview; automated workflows for approval, comments, observation, invoice processing, purchase, delivery, payments, etc. along with secured POs archival for auditing.

It also facilitates the automated storage of purchase order, delivery notes & other documents along with the recordings and archival of each transaction. This helps in keeping a tab on cash out flow and external vendor/supplier payments. The solution enables effortless collaboration amidst departments as it can draw insights into the procurement process based on factual data. It also seamlessly integrates with ERPs, accounts payable/receivable solution, accounting and other applications for automated data transfers.




  • Readymade templates to generate invoice, payment voucher, etc.
  • Customizable templates based on organization requirements

PO and Reports Generation

  • Automated PO generation in the designated format through built-in templates
  • Intuitive report generation in multiple formats with seamless Import/Export features Customizable reports based on organizationâs requirements
  • Customizable reports based on organization’s requirements

ERP Update

  • Automated data update to ERP without manual intervention
  • Updated version control across ERP and other connected systems
Customer Data Collection

Smart capture & routing

  • Intelligent data capture from business documents, meta-data extraction, path detection and auto-categorization functionalities for data migration
  • Automated mapping of bill registration documents, PR, LPO, IPO, letter of credit, supplier invoices, GRN, accruals, etc
  • Multilevel routing based on business rules and parameters pertaining to invoice type, procurement, vendor upload, etc.


  • Readily available APIs for integration with finance & accounting, accounts payable/receivable application, etc.
  • Automated data transfer without manual intervention


  • Process based workflow for each operation with collaboration tools and approval features
  • Manage vendor invoice and routing of PO and supplier delivery to relevant task owners across procurement, warehouse and logistics
  • Notifications and emails with complete insights on the purchase request for approval & collaboration



Automated allocation of permissions for remote access and retrieval of documents


Regular checks for duplicity in data and budget resulting in reduced revenue leakage


360-degree visibility and transparency over the ongoing P2P process


Transparent supplier relationships eliminate communication barriers.


Automation of workflows in P2P solutions minimize time spent on manual processes.

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