Customer Onboarding

Ospyn Docs offers a comprehensive customer on-boarding solution for financial institutions covering the entire journey of customer acquisition. The solution is highly configurable with no-code approach, envisaged to meet the needs of financial institutions in line with dynamic banking regulations and compliance.
  • Dynamic regulations and compliance requirements of banking industry
  • Centralized risk and compliance management needs of banks
  • Centralized account opening and customer management needs of financial institutions

Customer Data Collection

Captures customer data and documents through dynamic forms, scanners, mobiles and tablets

Utilizes OCR technology to auto-populate data from various customer documents for ease of use

De-Duplication checking

Provides insights about duplicate customer information to handle exceptions, approvals, etc

Creates unified customer view to identify risks and potential opportunities for cross-sell and upsell

Sanction/ Negative list verification

Customer profile verification with various negative or national sanction lists

Enhances customer due diligence to meet regulatory requirements

Risk profiling

Screens customers based on various risk parameters

Classifies customers into segments based on their risk profiles

Customer Document collection & verification

Automates document grouping and indexing

Routes documents based on business rules and workflows

Customer Approval

Offers multi-level approval workflows

Provides 360 degree view of customer data and documents

Core-banking Update

Offers generic APIs/formats for core banking update

Offers generic APIs/formats for regulatory institution update

Ospyn Docs has transformed the content and process management of enterprises of various sectors.

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