In the pre-covid era, Content Services was considered by many as a luxury item to have when the business could spare enough money. Moreover, the absolute need of a platform to specifically manage the enterprise content and business processes was not realised since many organizations were already accustomed to working in an environment where such system were not implemented. Even while faced with numerous delays and inefficiencies, organizations were getting by with maximum dependency on core or lead applications and on human resources to do redundant & repetitive tasks.

Outbreak of Covid has had a huge impact on all business in various aspects which in turn made them realise the significance of Content Services. The notion of working from an office space has faded away and people all over the world are adapting to the new Work-from-home culture. While getting accustomed to the new normal, various challenges relating to managing the business documents and approvals left the management and administrators perplexed. There aroused a need of availing/delivering content to the users as and when required irrespective of the place and time. Thus, the market started witnessing a noticeable uprising in the way organizations do business altogether.

With many uncertainties prevailing, the way Organizations do business have gone through a major shift and the focus is currently on the internal structure of an organization which accelerates the need for Content services Platforms to be implemented with a vertical Process Management Automation capability.

Irrespective of the industry they operate in or the market they cater to, organizations are in the lookout for solutions that can digitally manage and complement their core systems to run their day-to-day operations efficiently.

While Government Organizations are focusing on solutions to digitally transform their file management and correspondence management processes, Banking and Non-banking Sector is pursuing solutions to minimise direct interaction with their customers while delivering product and services through Digital platforms along with the capabilities to optimize and streamline back-end processes. Enterprises from various sectors are in the hunt for systems to digitally manage enterprise-wide content while triggering process flows with continuous interaction and integration with their ERPs or other core systems. Inter-Office Communication and collaboration are yet another area of focus regardless of the industry or domain.

Thus, Content Services and the accompanying solutions have now changed the status from a nice-to-have item to something looked up by organizations as an efficacy enabler. To any business confronted with disoriented processes, the right solution configured on a Content Services platform can produce the desired business outcome with ensured benefits of cost reduction, efficiency and governance across all processes.

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